Landon + Megan engaged.     Lincoln, NE Weddings

Landon + Megan. Well first of all, they laugh. A lot. Its contagious how giddy they are around each other. We started our shoot practically on top of Lincoln.

See the laughing? I love these next two a lot. Theres something about the light. And they have to go together. They wouldn’t look right separated from each other.

And then we played a game…. in an elevator. Much fun and laughing happened. And waiting for other people to get off the elevator.

And then we experienced warmth and light and quiet.
And dancing…. they’re taking dance lessons together. I’ve always always wanted to take dance lessons, hint hint.I like happy somewhat burry accidents like this one. Sassiness. Megan is gorgeous.
Another beautifully soft dreamy image. Probably my favorite of the day. The sunset. If I could photograph people at sunset everyday I would.

Landon + Megan, we are FREAKED to photograph your wedding next year! Literally. FREAKED. Happy Tuesday friends.