We spent an absolutely lovely saturday morning stomping around tall grass, admiring (but not picking) flowers, chasing butterflies and speaking softly to a horse named Hot Rod. The Rose family has a fun and gentle way about them, and it was amazing to see how their daughter was both curious and delicate with even the smallest flower. 001roseblog























Thank you for sharing your family with me. Peace. rw


We loved this wedding. The end. Okay thats really not all, but I’ll let the images speak for themselves.001_donahooblog 002_donahooblog 003_donahooblog 004_donahooblog 005_donahooblog 006_donahooblog 007_donahooblog 009_donahooblog 010_donahooblog 011_donahooblogI know this is blurry, I don’t care. 012_donahooblog 013_donahooblog 014_donahooblog 015_donahooblogI love love love her dress. 016_donahooblog 017_donahooblog 018_donahooblog 019_donahooblog 020_donahooblogGiddy moms.
021_donahooblog 022_donahooblog 023_donahooblog 024_donahooblog 025_donahooblogLove.026_donahooblog 027_donahooblog 028_donahooblog 029_donahooblog 030_donahooblog 031_donahooblog 032_donahooblog 033_donahooblog 034_donahooblog 035_donahooblogOne of my favorites from the day. 036_donahooblog 037_donahooblog 038_donahooblogAlso really love this lighting!039_donahooblog 040_donahooblog 041_donahooblog 042_donahooblog 043_donahooblog 044_donahooblogPre-ceremony entertainment? 045_donahooblog 046_donahooblog

Encore. 047_donahooblog 048_donahooblog 049_donahooblogShhhhhh.050_donahooblog 051_donahooblog 052_donahooblog 053_donahooblog 054_donahooblog 055_donahooblogI’m not sure why I put these images together, their friend/efficient + their dog. But it seemed funny at the time.  056_donahooblog 057_donahooblog 058_donahooblog 059_donahooblog 060_donahooblogOkay, fail on my part. You can’t really tell whats happening so I’ll tell you. They are kicking a soccer ball through their arbor. Its a long story. The short of it is, they met while watching soccer at their now favorite bar. Its awesome. Trust me.
061_donahooblog 062_donahooblogHigh five, then kiss. 063_donahooblog 064_donahooblog 065_donahooblog 066_donahooblog 067_donahooblog 068_donahooblog 069_donahooblog 070_donahooblogMagic sunset. 071_donahooblog 072_donahooblog073_donahooblogThe end. Peace friends.


Jake + Brianne’s day was magic. They got ready, there were tears, they were married in a lovely ceremony. But there was also the most kick-ass dance ever in a million years. Jake + Brianne were both ballroom dancers in college and they love love love to dance. So do their friends. So today I’m sharing the kick-ass part instead of all the other incredible moments (which by the way there were many). 082_w-wolf-475webOk I can’t help sharing just a few of how incredibly lovely this couple is. 083_w-wolf-480web 084_w-wolf-481web 088_w-wolf-518webOk dance time!402_w-wolf-2243web 407_w-wolf-2266webI would love to be twirled like this. Ben and I can’t dance at all. I mean, we can sway and do a little fake swing action but thats about it.
408_w-wolf-2269webBut this is amazing.
410_w-wolf-2279web 413_w-wolf-2321webBrianne and her dad have a special connection. This moment was amazing to watch. 417_w-wolf-2360web 420_w-wolf-2366web 421_w-wolf-2370web 434_w-wolf-2448webOk one note about what lies ahead….who knows what the heck some of these friends were thinking. Its just hilarious.446_w-wolf-2520web 447_w-wolf-2526webExhibit A. No idea whats going on here. 450_w-wolf-2533web 453_w-wolf-2544web 455_w-wolf-2562webOr here. 456_w-wolf-2566web 459_w-wolf-2570web 461_w-wolf-2572web 469_w-wolf-2623web 470_w-wolf-2625web 471_w-wolf-2633web 474_w-wolf-2647web 477_w-wolf-2659web 479_w-wolf-2664web 480_w-wolf-2672web 481_w-wolf-2701web 483_w-wolf-2714webLove.
487_w-wolf-2722web 488_w-wolf-2723web 493_w-wolf-2746webLets all feel uncomfortable together. 495_w-wolf-2751web 496_w-wolf-2752web 497_w-wolf-2762web 500_w-wolf-2770web 503_w-wolf-2789web 505_w-wolf-2803web 506_w-wolf-2804web 509_w-wolf-2824webSome background, this man is Irish (I think). He’s doing a little Lord of the Dance action. One of the loudest moments of the night.
511_w-wolf-2829web 515_w-wolf-2840web 517_w-wolf-2848web 518_w-wolf-2850web 537_w-wolf-2948webUh…538_w-wolf-2952web 541_w-wolf-2960web 545_w-wolf-2977web 552_w-wolf-3006webCute.554_w-wolf-3010web 556_w-wolf-3018web 557_w-wolf-3021webWhoa. Ben Rajala is intense. 562_w-wolf-3055web

Oh and one more tidbit of the night….Ben and I photographed this wedding on our own 10th Wedding Anniversary! Some might call us crazy but what a way to celebrate but by celebrating the vows of these dear ones. It was awesome. Peace friends. rw

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And finally Part 3! The par-tay. Many hilarious moments….can you find the image where a drink was in the process of getting spilled? Its pretty funny. 143_dumasblog 144_dumasblog 145_dumasblog 147_dumasblog146_dumasblog 148_dumasblog 149_dumasblog 150_dumasblog 151_dumasblog 152_dumasblog 153_dumasblog 154_dumasblog 155_dumasblog 156_dumasblog 157_dumasblog 158_dumasblog 159_dumasblog 160_dumasblog 161_dumasblog 162_dumasblog 163_dumasblog 164_dumasblog 165_dumasblog 166_dumasblog 167_dumasblog 168_dumasblog 169_dumasblog 170_dumasblog 171_dumasblog 172_dumasblog 173_dumasblog 174_dumasblog 175_dumasblog 176_dumasblog 177_dumasblog 178_dumasblog 179_dumasblog 180_dumasblog 181_dumasblog 182_dumasblog 183_dumasblog 184_dumasblog 185_dumasblog 186_dumasblog 187_dumasblog 188_dumasblog 189_dumasblog 190_dumasblog 191_dumasblog 192_dumasblog 193_dumasblog 194_dumasblog 195_dumasblog 196_dumasblog 197_dumasblog 198_dumasblog 199_dumasblog 200_dumasblog 201_dumasblog 202_dumasblog 203_dumasblog 204_dumasblog 205_dumasblog 206_dumasblogPeace friends. rw


Two years in and your story continues….274_w-rigney-274


291_w-rigney-291-2Peace friends. rw